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World First Invisible Skyscraper

by:Teeho     2020-05-29
World over we see a competition when it comes to building tall and big. We see skyscrapers all around the globe from Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates to PETRONAS Towers in Malaysia or the Willis Towers in United States. The list goes on when it come to constructing grand and making an architectural masterpieces for that world to see. But recently in South Korea a new skyscraper is built with an entirely unique idea and concept that has captured the imagination people today that by building tower that is virtually invisible. It tend to be the new soul of Korea. It's called the Tower Infinity, world's first invisible tower that stands 450 meters above the carpet. It has given a new meaning to architectural art with its intricately designed LED facade. The theme behind constructing the Tower Infinity is to render the towers hidden. It is achieved by a very sophisticated system of LED bars and series of cameras are usually tactically integrated that will point the real time images on the building reflective surface. The 18 cameras that capture the surrounding images around the building will display these images through projectors and might give a virtual feel of invisibility and transparency. Not only these towers would be able to show the surrounding images nevertheless the same technology would makes whole building as billboard screens to broadcast occasion. We can only imagine this 450m tall building doing wonders. In addition to having the capacity to appear invisible, the Infinity Tower will also boast the third largest observation deck in the world, along with shops, restaurants, movie theaters, water-park, and diverse other entertainment and leisure options to please South Korean tourists. Construction permit for the building Infinity Towers was granted to a collaborative architectural team made up of GDS Architects, Samoo Architects and A&U. The group was awarded first prize in a National Design Competition sponsored by Korea Land Housing. Charles Wee, one of the architects on the project explained in an interview about the concept behind infinity towers, 'So we took this idea, form of as rebels, to take the concept and reverse that. We wanted to redefine what it meant will probably be landmark. From our perspective, Korea is an advanced nation. It doesn't really have to show off. It does not have to fall into the meaningless race of building the tallest building. It could, but why? 'So, we thought, we'd the power of specializing - make it cease to exist!' he continued. 'We thought we could use this to showcase Korean technology - it would become magical thing to make such a large building disappear.' Transparency is also a common aesthetic through the skyscraper, from building envelope to transparent floors. In regards to height, the building would be the sixth tallest .
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