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Why teeho p3 led screen is priced higher?
Along with all the guaranteed (quoted) prices being a bit greater, shenzhen teeho offers more in terms of the degree of service or the product features. We wish to provide you with the very best service and benefits from the industry. Our rates aren't set in stone. In case you have a pricing requirement or a desired price point, we'll work with you to meet those pricing requirements.

In order to enter the global market, teeho now is growing into a more comprehensive led display producer. Small Pixel LED Display series manufactured by teeho include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Before delivering, the product is closely inspected on various quality parameters. Its HD screen can bring more image details to users. By establishing quality control system, fixed led display is beyond the best quality. It is widely seen in cars, shopping malls, factories, conference halls, sports events, etc.

Shenzhen teeho Optoelectronic Co., Ltd can satisfy various geographical markets. Ask online!
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