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What products has teeho developed?
To date, shenzhen teeho has developed mainly three categories of products. This includes outdoor fixed led display . Wide in application, practical in use, beautiful in design, they are now well-received by clients from different countries and regions. Their combined sales at home and abroad account for a large proportion to the total figure per year. They are up to the standards that are internationalized and regionalized. This is a solid foundation for the product promotions.

In order to enter the global market, teeho now is growing into a more comprehensive led display producer. fixed led display series manufactured by teeho include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. teeho rental led display is sophisticatedly designed. It is an outcome of the vast technical expertise of building systems, materials and computer devices and constant alteration of models. Its mute design ensures it makes little noise when working. The product itself is a perfect embodiment of quality in we. The product provides an excellent viewing angle.

By providing the best quality and professional service, Shenzhen our company Optoelectronic Co., Ltd hopes to establish more partnerships with each customer. Inquiry!
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