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Time of LED Light Panel

by:Teeho     2020-06-05
LED Fluorescent office lighting, the regarding products Ramond, that the LED panel lights, in fact, the nature of work lighting merchandise that illuminate LED's / Watt, the use of space 80lm panel was opened light output, energy conservation is very natural, energy is no longer the most important consideration. LED panel lights should follow a basic sense, the ultimate direction to its lighting products. The time believed that low-carbon energy is important, light quality and more attention. Only a few of the sunshine quality of the premise, LED panel lights energy saving is significant. LED panel lights to energy-efficient lighting quality and remainder. LED panel lights consumers assess the quality and energy-efficient lighting? Assessment for this quality front LED and of present-day office lighting design standards-based savings, like the average illuminance, luminance uniformity, brightness, vertical uniformity, glare, environmental relationship, power density and other indicators. Focus on the lighting throughout their work. It LEDpanel light of their total own indicators, including lighting effects, lighting, color temperature, color rendering index, light failure, life, power consumption, but the LED panel lamp power and quality, they are different, but related. Assessed by two basic LED panel lighting quality and energy-efficient equipment. After March 2009 LED Shenzhen light panel lamp, since the test data, standard office lighting design and related indicators LED panel light the mainstream associated with their results for 2009 purely visual LED display 50 - 80lm light yield comprehensive analysis / W, the mainstream of the 2011 of about 70 - 90lm / W, using a combination take a look at the data path was to the needs of all levels of illumination to do. According to design standards, taking into account lighting, power density, maintenance factors and other indicators, as well as the Shenzhen office of desirable of the quality of the actual situation comes. LED panel light on the mainstream of sodium, index-250W is even higher than four hundred watt sodium vapor lamps, energy saving to 50% full. Lighting priority, taking note the energy Shenzhen City in recent years, test results, a light creation of the LED panel manufacturing, light failure better towards the international brands such as poor quality, but the sunlight (brightness index), color (color temperature spatial uniformity) as well large moves. Ramond LED panel lights as the technology matures, as well as more widespread, is growing to promote these shortcomings of the opposition. lights for the promotion of their time efficiency LED panel are obvious, it can be stopped because of the quality of low light. Only one good effect of sunshine on the support of users, and so to gain support large-scale application. Therefore, lit the sunshine quality and energy-saving lighting panels all of the wings, it's totally not, must deal more than balance involving the two. Give high priority to energy saving lighting should be the focus of present-day application. intelligent TFT ----- lcd driver
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