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The LED Display to Outdoor Advertising More Wonderful

by:Teeho     2020-06-06
It is still a hot topic LED, but LED lighting and didn't see many good development. Still depend on government support, has far from into ordinary families. The exhibition in all LED one, thus LED hot is a false statement ah, real fire up is the LED display, LED lighting or deep in the boudoir going without. LED display appear to make up for your previous magnetic flap, neon and information release the defects of media effect, LED to the emergence of the screen stage performance has brought more wonderful. Outdoor full-color display LED to its change, rich color, design, real-time dynamic display mode, perfect multimedia effect and robust visual impact, the information, the words, pictures, animation and video display etc . many kinds of ways, become multiplication of information landmark product, in railway, civil aviation, sports venues, meeting halls, highway, square, the massive market, Banks, securities market, and seedlings monitoring the dispatching of a lots of applications. Outdoor advertising is mainly in graphic works and transplantation, used just the AD of the larger font, more obvious brand mark, then add a striking pictures. Whether billboards or big pillar, square is graphic design. In Europe the streets, in a corner of the street and he's many advertisements pillar, be in commonly 2 to 3 meters high, whilst diamond, three with the cylindrical and on type and so on, at the top design pattern is numerous, and surrounding buildings style through enhancement the best in each other. And while using bus door and tire the motion characteristics. Make advertisement dynamic of the works, and advertising items or representative out things individuals billboards, causing the stereo effect of your works, often visible, very is to attract traveler's eyes. In the last year China advertising festival advertising works and competitions, on your own side of the outdoor advertising gold prize 'sea zipper, is also broke through the GaoLiZhu billboard waking rectangle design, the zipper's characteristics, in center of the upper billboard to both sides pulled open, using exaggerated contrast gimmick, make a person or hang regarding lift ring inside the zipper, or climb onto it the zipper pull upward, gave out a zipper reliability, in you will find many billboard to the fore, with a stronger visual impact. Use LED stage associated with LCD, more unexpected result. Most people consider in outdoor advertising creative, more see is its limitations. Issued by the space and the place limit, convey of limited information, mandatory bad, it's hard to cause the target audience CARES actively, and also on, that most outdoor advertising, the type of waking, content boring single. On leading it is to strengthen the brand image, the pursuit of visual effect one. But here ignore the outdoor advertising environment factors, and may precisely the outdoor advertising is different to other media advertising the basic placed. In an only five (5) seconds remain and an a few minutes to stay your environment, in a crowded and noisy and a quiet and elegant environment, sitting in your car and travel and standing in the shopping places before, people's mood is completely different, and volume concern for advertising also has an immense difference. So we in the advertisement of claim must be targeted on, Jane has numerous. Some can only use big word slogan strengthen brand, others can introduce products with pictures, some still can detailed deepen our regarding appeal. This has a deep understanding in the advertising people advertisement product characteristics, find the audience accept ditch. From the way of thinking of the customer to see the world, more perfect annotation LED outdoor screen, the LED screen stage for the special charm. Is vital to the success of LED enterprise, is also the designer and the border of the search.
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