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States You Cant Teach an oldtime Rotating Display

by:Teeho     2020-05-30
Window displays designed solely for the Estate Agency market have slowly evolved over the past three years. We have seen the traditional cable displays featuring standard acrylic pockets come and go. They were replaced by the Freestanding Acrylic Panels that were easy to use and update, but the real change came when Rotating Displays were introduced. Rotating Displays are ideal for use in all high street and windows including Estate agents. They can be used to double triple or even quadruple the amount of product details on show or can be often create a moving poster or retail display. Rotating displays use movement to attract passers by to the window. The acrylic blades rotate through 180 degrees before resting for a period of energy and time determined by you, to allow potential customers to view the display. They are powered by a 12 volt transformer that is economical to run and can be left on all day every day. However, after the Rotating Displays 10 year reign as the favourite display choice of Estate Agents, it has been changed out. Light Panel displays have spread like wild fire up and down the country and have even spread across the channel. Light Panels are similar in looks to traditional cable and pocket displays, only they feature LED bulbs that make the pockets look like they are glowing. This display is ideal for dark days and nights (or just an ordinary English day!). The LED's emit a bright white light that illuminates any graphic placed within the pocket. Better still, Light Panels use an extremely low amount of electric when compared to standard filament bulbs, therefore utilizing Light Panels one can drastically reduce the electricity bill. Incredibly the Estate Agency display choices are still evolving, last month if you ranges were unveiled in an Estate Agent conference saved in London. And thus The Rotating Light Panel display was born! This display is a hybrid on the old favorite Rotating Display and Light Panels. The pockets rotate just just as the old Rotating Displays only this time the pockets are illuminated using LED bulbs! This really is the all singing, all dancing, all GLOWING display. Now movement AND light can both be used to attract customers to a window display. Rotating Light Panels have never been seen before on the display market and are set to be the 'must have' display choice for 2012.
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