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Sony Explorascience Creative New Exhibits Are

by:Teeho     2020-06-08
Lasted nearly 7 months of the 'Sony Dream Exploration Science and Technology Museum New Exhibits Contest' completed before the final selection, six winning team come to the fore, some of which attempts are expected to be further improved, appeared in 2011, Sony ExploraScience Science and Technology Museum in the exhibition hall , allow audience experience the authentic Chinese creativity. From May 2010 common scientific community for enthusiasts began to collect ideas, to Oct. 31 towards the selection stage, 'Sony ExploraScience Science and Technology Museum New Exhibits Contest' were obtained from all the 91 valid entries. The particular initial evaluation, re-evaluation and also the final three stages of this rigorous screening, the final six team points were the first, second, third and creative, interactive and energy-saving individual prizes become from a visit into the Sony headquarters in Japan, Sony digital cameras with various incentives. This activity is made to collect 'Sony ExploraScience Science and Technology Museum,' an exciting new exhibit creative way to encourage technological innovation and scientific and technological enthusiasts; exact same way time, competition, better dissemination of science in human life played a leading role, arouse the enthusiasm of scientific and technological innovation, promoting continuous progress of science and technology community. Sony ExploraScience Science Museum, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. Advertising and Media Management Division CI Li Xi, vice president of original intention in talking concerning the event that the dream of Technology Museum exhibits explore all from the appropriate science in america and Japan institutions or from abroad specifically developed develop an a professional team. 'With Sony's 10-year dream connected with exploration, especially younger generation of China, we feel the creativity in science enthusiasts continue to improve, we endorsed hold this event, hoping to Sony's innovative spirit and encourage young people science and technology in China innovation, and strive to attain a breakthrough, to make certain the real Chinese design, exciting exhibit of Chinese-made audience in China. ' The Chair of the solicitation, senior industry expert judges, including former head of China's Science and Technology Museum, Beijing Association for Science Vice President Wang Yusheng, 'Science World' magazine editor, science writer Tangyun Jiang, Capital Normal University in Education Research Center, executive director of Beijing Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, aviation science education Wang Elderly Commission, the Beijing Office within the Chief Engineer to build science centers, senior engineer Zhang Chengguang, Sohu IT Hui Liu, deputy editor of digital channels as on, experts say the growth collected the works level than expected, they said, 'see these wonderful works selected, we have become excited, a great many of which are full of creativity, as well as the distance from the final exhibits is very close to.' Sony also hopes the exhibit collection activities continue carry out so , Science and Technology Museum for allow some additional exploration dream 'pure introduction of China' presents. ' Award-winning 'painting with life', its author is a profound art of Jin Zeyu background in science and engineering students, he is ready to choose the field of computer art Jinxing study on the inside works of He Xin CF language there is his description from an academic reason for view of fractal theory of the studies. Exploration Science and Technology Museum for the audience characteristics of dreams, he presents key paintings in the simulation of fractal putting on advanced mathematical theory, originally with the spiritual into the brush, can perform add feathers to the bird, add lace to the dress. 'The campaign that ultimately works ultimately final, several players Arts and Technologies have a comprehensive background, their work especially interesting, several participating teams composed of scholars from different professions. The interdisciplinary event fully reflects the collision energy produce wonderful creative sparks, furthermore to encourage young students not only in special areas of focus in-depth, but as well as to expand their art in the lateral areas of cultivation. 'event of the judges of the Elderly teacher said Wang. The variety of works can come to the fore, winning team, a common theoretical foundation is solid and rich imagination, but with excellent hands-on technique. In particular, allow users to within your the Science Museum's exhibits, but also take full account of maintenance costs, reliability, interoperability, and so on. Wang Elderly teacher said he was involved from the pre-selected execute the final selection process, the sensation of Chinese Young Technology enthusiasts, especially young people creativity and practical ability exciting. 'The ultimate finalists scientific principles not only clear, showing the effect of fun, and techniques several participating teams have submitted exhibits fairly complete prototype. And technological innovation in some games the past, many players only on paper, did not practice and implementation ability to form a clear, crisp contrast. ' For example, the second place for this 'light with the three parties' work, through high-speed rotation of the LED screen, using the phenomenon of persistence of vision, the actual audience notice three-dimensional pattern, as a better way to display the human eye by an easy way to 3D outcome. Only three players from Tsinghua University has produced two demo models, in the interview process will illustrate the image plane rotation patterns for the three-dimensional effect, and the advice of the teacher involving judges, live debugging, one more thing show more non-symmetrical pattern. Flexible thinking and their outstanding practical ability to present the judges left a deep impression. Sony inherit the spirit of innovation, Sony ExploraScience Science and Technology Museum will in order to encourage students and technology enthusiasts more creative coming of new exhibits to stimulate young people's creativity. Meanwhile, the actions of these fans in addition to their design exhibits, science driven boom within the whole society, so more and more young Chinese plug-wing want science. Sony ExploraScience Science and Technology Museum in October 2000 in Beijing, is funded through Sony Corporation and provides full support for discover public welfare for young children, popular places around 'for your next generation' (For the Next Generation) in public places affairs issues , a mixture of Sony's latest digital technology and classic San Francisco Exploratorium science exhibition hall experience for that majority of young people committed to cooking a first-hand experience the wonders of science to comprehend the concise explaination of science, culture of that can put of scientific interest. October 28, 2010, Sony ExploraScience Technology Museum to celebrate several years of his birthday. Ten years, Sony 'Sony ExploraScience' project has invested a total of over 3 million yuan for the science and technology museum venues, exhibition hall operators, the introduction of high-tech exhibits, art science education model into professional science training of staff and also the extension of public welfare activities accomplished and so forth. As of finish of 2010, 'Sony ExploraScience' Science and Technology Museum has received more than 1.1 million total viewers. All right reserved! Source from: http://lassiewood.blog.com
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