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Several Problems we Need to Attention to During

by:Teeho     2020-06-08
After we purchased LED display, it is very important to use it in proper way. Here can be an article about several conditions that we choose to pay awareness to during the using of LED display, to positive that you utilizes it in right option. 1. keep a humidity of environment Every users who once spray water into keyboard and cause the breakdown of keyboard can assertain the understood that do not let any material with moisture properties into your LED display. If you found there is mist, you need to use soft cloth to wrap it away, simply to open the power. If moisture has entered display, you will need to place browsing in place where is warm and dry, so that the moisture and organic material will evaporated. While using LED display which contains with humidity, the LCD electrode end up being corroded. 2. Problem of smash of screen In order to attributes carefully problem of smashing of screen, a number of choose two ways - passive protection and initiative protection. The passive protection refers fot it public users can choose display with armoured glass, so which display will strong acceptable. However this kind of display will influence the color. The initiative protection refers to use carefully in daily by means of. Do make things may do scratches to screen far-off from screen, and keep in mind during cleaning screen. 3. daily maintain LED display is sufffering from a close relationship with our user, so it is very necessary to do clean accomplish the task. In fact, LED display is simple to be dirty; the white appearance is indeed beautiful, while if 1 does not pay attention to maintain, it can be yellow. Piano paint happens to be good, while after a week, there will be together with handprint, perhaps the material is common black matting, there always be full of dust following a term. People can find some cleaning products strive and do the clean of LED display, of course, are usually want preserve money, you can use water to fix it. At the same time, require know hard thing, that do not spray water display screen directly, down the road . spray water or cleaning fluid on cleaning cloth, then wrap according in order to same direction. Before cleaning, you must close the strength.
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