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San diego, ca Suitable LED Display

by:Teeho     2020-06-24
Sometimes, it's more difficult buying than selling.(sorry, i am not good at English) I met customers from USA,Poland,Iran,Turkey etc, generally speaking, they spent about 1 week in China. and they visited more than 10 factories here,that means, they visited 1.5 factories everyday,average.that's not an easy job, every factory will provide you different information, it's an enormous problem that how you receive the useful and correct information.i am sure, what suppliers give you is not always correct all the time, because whom you request information from is always salesman, along with many salesman don't know very well about this industry themselfes, for another word, they're recyclable profeesional. but that not means the factory not professional. in Shenzhen,China, many owners of factory, they've been involved in this field for more than 10 years, they are founders.also, they are demostic sales man years ago. but a big problem is simply because can't speak english, luanguage is big obstacle these. take my boss for example, he involved in this field for the lot more than 10 years, he knows very well about this industry, but he can't join the discuss. sometimes, our customer asked me, where is your superior?i said:sorry, he is not good at english. it should be much better if consult with my boss. it . Ok, let get to your point, how to choose a suitable LED display. maybe is an old topic. but as far as i know, many friends have no idea to sort it out before they came to China. i choose the word'suitable', not 'good'. because different customer has different requirement. good does not mean suitable, but suitable does means good that you. 1. where will become LED display installed? indoor or outdoor? 2. what message content articles are needed? videos, photos, or just characters? 3. what dimension will be your screen? width, size? 4. what could possibly be minimal viewing distance from your screen to the closest spectators? 5. what's the space from LED screen to control mechanism? 6. what's the installation type? inlay, pole, or something otherwise? Key Factors: 1. Smoothness(plantness on surface) Keep the smoothness within 1 millimeter to insure acceptable not been spherical.it depends on assemble tech. 2. Brightness For indoor LED display, it should be more than 800cd/sq.m plus outdoor, it should be more than 1500cd/sqm. If brightness too low, picture will be totally vague.brightness depends on LED lamps you adopt as well as other factors 3. viewing angle generally speaking, for outdoor displays, viewing angle for horizontal is concerning 110 degree, and for vertical is 90 program. the larger the higher. 4. white balance. To show a pure white color, the ratio of RGB is 3:6:1, wacth if you have blue or red color in white color. Particularly important mostly will rely on control system and LED lamps 5. color restorable. The color on LED screen should consist with display resources to have a good shot. 6. malfuncation dot, mosaic make sure there is no dead dot and mosaic on display.dead dots and mosaic will affect display action. Bldg A,Donghua Industrial Area, Baoan District,Shenzhen,China Tel:+86-755-29784456-8809 Fax:+86-755-29784730 Mob:+86-15919947715 Email:Sales@haisheng-opto.com Msn:Shawn_led@hotmail.com Skype:Shawnbluesky Web: http://www.haisheng-opto.com
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