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Readius: The Rolling Display e-Reader that Almost

by:Teeho     2020-06-10
A financial mess led the fledgling company to bankruptcy in July 2009, but its knight in shining armor was an Asian technology firm which includes since shepherded the project to reliability. It will make its debut this current year. Polymer Vision was hatched in 2003 in an infant-technology incubator developed by Royal Philips Electronics NV and eventually spun off from. Four years later, Technology Capital SA of Luxemburg purchased likely the stock previously help by Philips and turned Polymer Vision loose to relocate forward and do wonderful landmarks. As a result, Polymer Vision may be the proud papa of the Readius, an e-reader the size of a charge card whose prototype made its debut at the end of 2006 at the IFA consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin. Polymer Vision's Dutch executive team had high hopes for that mobile device with a rollable display that was larger style over the device by. But the firm became mired monetary difficulties by July 2009, at which era it declared bankruptcy, putting the brainchild with so much promise in limbo. However, Asian technology firm Wistron - itself a spin-off of Acer - came to the rescue in late 2009 and resuscitated Polymer Vision's new baby. Wistron has confirmed that in 2010 it will release a 5-inch device based on Polymer Vision technology which has a fold-out display in order to the prototype device they took towards IFA exhibition in 2008. With the current contract of sale, PV will be able to keep approximately 80% of its stuff. The Polymer Vision team creates part belonging to the Wistron's Mobile Business Party. The Readius uses E Ink Corp.'s Vizplex ink-imaging film called 'EPD' - electronic paper display, or, alternately, electrophoretic display - which was originally developed at MIT in the 1990s. EPD has higher resolution than LCD and allows pages to appear very much newspaper. It also eliminates the poor visibility and eyestrain brought glare by means of sun, and can be read from any kind of angle, very much like paper. As it was described in content 'E-Readers: their Past, Present and Future', e-inc will be a microencapsulated suspension in a clear medium containing particles which are white 50 % and black the other, the white being positively charged, and also the black with a negative charge (Digital Book Readers). Browsing process production for the foldable screens, developed by Stanford University, PV had invested $4.9m in manufacturing facilities. Touted by Wistron given that the world's 'first pocket eReader,' the new Readius is not only smaller but weighs less than other e-readers, making it a no-brainer to use on the go without a bag or briefcase. However the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader a few other e-readers also use EPD, known casually as e-paper, the Readius may be the only pocket-size version. As compared to having a correspondingly smaller screen, the Readius comes with an unique expandable display. Its rolling display technology was 25 years in the making. The challenge to its makers was its extra mechanical requirements: While system needed to be thin, lightweight and sufficiently small to match in the back pocket of jeans, the flexible display had always be unbreakable and capable of rolling and unrolling repeatedly for the perfect opportunity of years while offering increased battery lifespan and the readability among the larger e-readers on business. Polymer Vision is confident features the familiar met its goals while using the new 2010 Readius. The Readius applies its mobile device talents mainly to eBooks, eNews, emails (POP3 and IMAP supported) and Nourishes (text and audio). Recommendations a handful of the device's most attractive features: - three or.5G data connection - Global wireless connectivity - GSM, GPRS, EDGE - tri-band - UMTS, HSDPA - dual-band - 5-inch diagonal display with 16 grayscales (Kindle's smallest, 6-inch) - Weight 4 ounces (compare to Kindle's smallest, 10.2 ounces) - Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for accessories - Dimensions 4.5' by 2.2' (Kindle's smallest, 8' by three.3') - Life cycle of battery up to 30 hours - USB port-rechargeable battery - As much 8GB storage - Audio player for MP3, AAC, WMA As of late November 2009, Polymer Vision had not established a price point, so users looking to purchase an e-reader must either wait or make an alternate choice. Because the Sony Target audience being pre-sold since the company cannot promise immediate shipping at this time, the Kindle various other e-readers will be readily available may stand to benefit from strong e-reader demand over the next few months.
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