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New And Views This Calendar!

by:Teeho     2020-06-13
As the top youth marketing agency in Dubai we like to keep an eye on what's happening in everyone around you that will interest our new youth sector in Dubai. As a marketing agency focused on connecting minor longer . with great brands amazing keep up with most current digital gadgets, what's being rumoured and also general news and views that could be of interest. As your marketing agency we know what you like so we always keep ahead of knowing one of the most digital wonders! This week I did a bit of digging into the smartphone world and discovered that the flexible smart phone end up being with us soon. Samsung are apparently going ahead with manufacturing a flexible phone where the screen is made from plastic not glass, allowing automobile . to bend or bend. Very slim OLED displays can be fixed to plastic easy enough and would turn the smartphone into an are more durable device. This would also put Samsung at the top the market for many years The technical wizard from marketing agency asked a certain amount of you guys about it and he said had been all in favour. It appears Samsung have stepped up their game this year, as one of the several most talked about products in our marketing agency is their new television programming. I couldn't resist telling you guys by the new 85 inch LED HD television. This is the biggest TV in turmoil with 8 million pixels, it also features a dimming control and high contrast ratio giving it crystal clear quality. Each and every think Samsung need to worry about using a marketing agency this year as offer just been nominated for quite a few CES Innovation Awards including one for their largest Television in the world. Some cool new iPad apps for you guys to download free! Photoshop Express is a free App that brings all the main features of Photoshop to your iPad will need the expense! Wikipanian is quite cool as you do not need to go to your browser to search Wikipedia. The app allows you come across the database direct. One of many smartest new apps is a tool to help you get your apps. AppShopper organises your favourites on a subscriber base and then searches rates for you. I think everyone in our Marketing agency will be having one of these. As always at our youth marketing agency in Dubai 'YouthtoMarketing' we remember to keep our ears and eyes open to anything just about all we think you require or will find fabulous!
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