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LCD Poster To A Flexible Video Wall For Digital

by:Teeho     2020-06-18
Outside dynamic advertising is actually definitely an evolving business with most of the hardware coming from Asia, these solutions can be primary plug and play solutions just like the LCD poster or a more complex solution could become big video wall, but there are some gadgets that do make life easier. Digital Poster. This is a professional grade display that includes an inbuilt media player, this enables any store owner to build up their own content or even get suppliers to attributes needed sales media to sell the suppliers products, all that be done is load the content onto a laptop and dragging the ads to the memory card on a card reader, here the content is kept. The storage device is then slotted into the media player and the content will appear on the screen. Now this is were things get enticing, as the media is managed through a remote control, so you will have endless alternatives on how the media is presented, for instance in landscape or portrait, ticker in the bottoom or no ticker, (including a variety of sizes of ticker), how the photos and videos merge into the other. When configured effectively an LCD poster can power on / off at a certain time ensuring that the hardware is only operating when is actually important to needed to advertise products or professional services. A digital poster is often used indoors; but there are some units that work very well out of doors too. As you can see if you can drag a picture from your personal computer and add it to your iPad you can generate jaw dropping and customer grabbing eagerness. Now the other end of the business - The Video Wall. A video wall is a big area that is used to show huge picture or video, we have all viewed these at shopping malls, offer historically consisted huge flat panel televisions, these are special screens as they are commercial grade with a very small bezel around the edge of the TV. Now what deters businesses of throughout this kind of dynamic advertising is that they have been regarded as costly and very inflexible, especially when used at music concerts to enlarge the image of this musician so the people at the back of the arena can see the idols. Although the tend to be that the monitors take up lots of space, they are fragile and configuring them up in advance of the gig is endless. But now one creation of an LED flexible video wall, the information mill about to change forever. Outdoor digital signage is growing first from using LCD equipment to LED, now this flexible video wall is utilising LED technology with vivid colours and clarity never seen before in outdoor digital signage, the pixel density is 2,100 each each and every square metre. The LED video controller is the brains of the solution, this includes of a sender and receiver and as the names suggest send and receive consumers or video information that is to be presented.
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