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Iwata buddy EDN's Most Innovative Product Award

by:Teeho     2020-06-20
Iwata, the company's digital products, power IC and a leading provider of technology, recently announced that, iW3610 AC / DC Dimmable LED lighting has are a digital power controller for power lighting in EDN 20 Innovation Award Most innovative Product Award competition category . Founded in 1990, EDN Innovation Awards honor the people, products, and shaped the semiconductor industry's technology over the past year. 'Iwata's iW3610 the 21st century, the technical requirements with the 21st century. Our adaptive simulation of advanced patented technology and advanced digital control technology, will lead to yet another market leading product, said:' Jerry Cheng, technical marketing v . p . Iwata. 'This is an EDN to be recognized with probably the most innovative LED driver IC dimmable honor, said Ron Edgerton, president and CEO of the Iwate Prefecture. The iW3610 address the most pressing in the emerging solid-state LED lighting market demand, and that is a long life, high efficiency, to reduce the heat loss of your physical size and low BOM amount to. The iW3610 is the industry's first 3W primary specification digital PWM controller delivers up to 25W dimming, eliminate the required isolation optocoupler LED lamps. The device more than 5% of the LED line, load and temperature to maintain constant current regulation brightness and flicker free operation. Over 80% of the efficiency of mode switching to achieve in the valley and the internal development of the adaptive digital control algorithm to regulate the switching frequency than the power source. The maximum switching frequency of 200kHz allows the use of a small transformer design and the utilization of smaller passive components to fit the limited space found in the Edison, the related led driver electronics outlet. Intelligent algorithms automatically detect existence or wall guarantee that iW3610 dimmer switch, if it can be an edge or trailing edge dimmers, allowing 2-100% flicker-free dimming. The device can automatically reduce higher temperature of the LED current to ensure that lighting outside the illicit activities of this safety zone. A 15W dimmable LED driver PCB PCB package design with 30 mm x 75 mm or more, only 4x seven retro take effective dimming lights replacement parts. Business has successfully enabled leading manufacturers of lighting design, develop and release to production Adjustable GU10, A-type lamp to use PAR iW3610. Macroblock new 16-bit PWM LED and 8-digit point correction, MBI5040 driver. Uniform LED brightness and high-end LED display provides accurate color LED, 'answered the deficiency LED, LED pixel dots correction is necessary. However, it is difficult and expensive handle point correction, by increasing managers the load of dealing with the limited control of LED pixels. Brand new digital correction isn't during the MBI5040 integrated LED's Led lights and calibration process during this period to avoid shade change, while also reducing the regulatory burden and rate. There are two points on the market correction methods, analog and digital point calibration. However, the simulation point calibration LED wavelength change often, i know it can change the LED color. MBI5040 specific features of the 8-bit digital dot correction to compensate for the visual refresh rate in switching the LED brightness. In addition, the built-in circuit multiplication gray patent data and calibration data important things. Therefore, MBI5040 provides flexibility to adjust the brightness of LED ambient light changes, and ensure complete and accurate LED color or grayscale images involving the size and tariff of dot correction LED brightness uniformity of the visual refresh rank. MBI5040 is a patented 16-bit S - PWM technology to improve the visual grayscale update rate. With the pliability of 8-bit digital point calibration and refresh rate 16-bit gray-scale control of visual MBI5040 make it easier to simplify the FPGA controller design for low-grade, so that the total cost of your controller design could be reduced. MBI5040 increase the high-end LED display LED screen just to get it to more suitable for indoor and outdoor LED video displays, billboards, and business and a reasonable price LED display chip. In addition for the 16-bit PWM also 8-digit point correction, MBI5040 provides constant output current of 60 mA to two mA to 16 output channels separately, and at go over for each output port is 17 volts. MBI5040 likewise designed with a mandatory error detection, pre-message error detection, 7-bit output current gain and thermal protection systems.
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