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Insight On The Look And Feel Of LG P970 Optimus Black

by:Teeho     2020-06-21
There is an extensive of phone choices under LG and one from them is the LG P970 Optimus Black which aims to get a spot closer to where Apple and Samsung reigns ultimate. Compared with the Galaxy and also the iPhone, LG P970 Optimus has a cheaper costs. However, the real battle between smartphones is focused on how its features can provide a better experience for pc users. This article will give you an insight on the look and feel of LG P970 Optimus Black. Read more to know more about the product. Exterior On the outside, the LG Optimus Black reveals a 4 inch NOVA display screen and thought the brightness it offers could be comparable with an AMOLED, the luminance reduction technology was able ensure enhanced battery efficiency. Its display is undeniably vivid and clear even under direct the sun's rays. LG P970 Optimus also comes by using a slightly metallic back cover and its soft finish perfectly blended with its flexible keys making a minimalist effect. It appears with Android Touchscreen buttons as well as 3 external buttons that account for the LG Gesture User Interface that enable holding from the device even with one hand. Its thin frame and lightness are added features that can leave users with greater satisfaction. Interior In terms within the power that it provides, the LG Optimus P970 Black comes with a 1GHz processor however it runs on Android 2.2. Aside from those features, additionally, it comes with a couple megapixel front-facing camera and a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with an LED flash on its rear portion. The LG Optimus i9250 uses Gesture UI and offers functionality like most smartphones do including video recording capability. The innovations on mobile technology have resulted in a long and continuous battle among smartphones. The Galaxy and the iPhone has always been enjoying a comfortable spot as than other phone brands but for sure, it will not take long enough for your competition to tighten as new phones benefit from major improvements brought by technology. LG Optimus P970 is a budget-friendly smartphone and functions mentioned in this article are just a number the aspects a person simply can take looking at to means to asses whether it effectively combined performance and flexibility in the affordability that made this handset worth the test drive.
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