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Individuals Standards Led to LED Backlighting

by:Teeho     2020-06-06
Although the extension LED television market, but the LED backlight is not component of comprehensive international standards. That is why a standard developed LED backlight IEC/TC110 reasons. There is no uniform standard in the WTO as the international marketing of global television business is more baffling. TV LED LED Backlight major contribution to the international market, international standards, the Chinese company the main point on standards to further strengthen the international competitiveness of LED TV market, home businesses, television. 5 years ago, Hisense Electric color lcd module Liu Commission coat while certainly not think of research projects, five years later was named in Japan, LED backlit light of international standards poppers. By the end of 2009, China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, the Netherlands and lcd display technology experts gathered in Japan and other countries to participate in IEC/TC110 (Flat Panel Display International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee) annual session. Dr. Lau decided to take the mantle cause LED backlight specification committee also decided to lead the creation of international standards and general requirements for LED lighting experts South Korea's expansion of international standards. LED backlight for an average to describe the current LED-backlit LCD TV market expansion is not quite a bit. LCD TV as the traditional option and increased its LED color LCD display, low power, highly favored by the market, backlight technology. Market research firm DisplaySearch data show that in 2009, supplies of Television panels, the overall financial LED backlight panel that only 3% of shipments in 2010, this figure could rise to 10%. Displaybank agency research firm predicts that by 2010, Global 2012 LED-backlit LCD panel TV market size of over 20 million units, a great deal 5.000 million. Flat-panel TV on china market, LED TV also popular. At present, Hisense, Skyworth, Konka, TCL, Samsung, Sony, Sharp and other domestic and foreign firms to establish LED TV, despite its high price, but the trend is expanding the market. Republic of China, market research, Peng Yu, director of marketing, told reporters in 2010, LEDs TV gauge models domestic retail sales will be nearly 300 million units. Currently China is the quickest growing LCD in the region, almost 40% annual growth rate of the tv market. Peng Yu testified that the large-scale production and domestic and foreign brands and step up publicity on TV with LED backlight enters the next several years of rapid expansion in 2012 end up being LED-backlit TVs to reach 10.8 million units. Speech enhancement in China IEC/TC110 annual meeting occurred in Japan, the Chinese delegation was led by Dr. Liu, a senior researcher Hisense Electric Underground LED light-emitting diode backlight crisis draft specification of your new proposals. Final production lines, Liu Weidong Liu Wei frozen and professionally recognized standards take charge in developing a South Korean general normative standards for LED lighting, and contains the standard specifications, test methods and standards for your definition of terms, like working in detail. General Standards and the backlight LED backlight series specifications can play a summary of the relevant standards and development of LED backlight technology products are key role in keeping the focus of development is crucial. In recent years, the rapid spread of flat-panel TV, particularly in China's LED LCD TV's rapid growth, not only to start to be the world's most flat-panel TV market, and took over as world's major manufacturing centers and technology centers. Experts from industry, said experts from the LED backlight Hisense support the development of international standards for marking records research and technological development capacity in China has reached international ideals. 'In the past, OLED (Organic Light-emitting diode) and PDP (plasma) in the appropriate international standards, Chinese companies were also involved, but don't like, in terms of development lead to try.' Liu committee to understand that 'in many illuminated pieces of development standards will help our overall industrialization, standardization and technical level of product quality in the domestic LCD industry, improve the international competitiveness of great importance.'
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