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How much will it cost for rental led display supplier production?
In this field, the cost in manufacturing rental led display supplier varies from production technology, equipment to material cost and so on. During the production process, modern and advanced production technology and equipment play an important role in ensuring the performance of the product. Professional production team will help manufacturers save a lot of time and energy to work more efficiently to produce. The labor cost is necessary included in the production cost as well.

shenzhen teeho has the capability to manufacture high quality fixed led display with the application of p1.8 led screen. Rental LED Display series manufactured by teeho include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. teeho led glass display has a better design. It goes through mock-up construction. And the design is ameliorated based on the test performance of the field mock-up. The product, made of high-quality materials, is impact resistant. The strict quality standards make the worldwide export of this product possible. It has passed the aging test before leaving the factory.

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