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How many teeho led display are sold per year?
shenzhen teeho led display has achieved good results in annual sales volume. With products that have great quality and word of mouth, plus affordable prices, our brand has always been sought after by consumers. The annual sales volume is just the appearance, strength is the source of teeho's self-confidence. Propelled by the market demands, we tend to invest more in the product innovation to boost our annual sales volume.

teeho functions importantly in led display market. led display series manufactured by teeho include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. our company p1.8 led screen has gone through material appearance inspections. These checks include color, texture, spots, color lines, uniform crystal/grain structure, etc. It is widely exported to the markets of America, India, Japan, New Zealand, etc. High-end talents and advanced technology have enabled the product quality to reach the industry's leading level. The back cover of the product can be quickly removed for easy maintenance.

Shenzhen we Optoelectronic Co., Ltd holds the firm belief that the quality stands above everything. Check now!
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