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How many people in teeho QC team?
shenzhen teeho has established its own QC team, which is composed of professionals. Throughout the production process, we have always focused on the quality of [narrow pixel pitch led display . This product has higher performance and longer service time, attracting more and more customers. With regard to our quality control staff, everyone has the expertise to ensure quality.

Our professional rental led display and advanced rental led display contributes to our rising place in led display market. Transparent LED Display series manufactured by teeho include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. teeho p1.8 led screen is of revolutionary design. It is an outcome of the expertise on the part of the building designer, the manufacturer, the fabricator, and the installer. Its mute design ensures it makes little noise when working. Transparent LED Display has attracted many customers with its high quality assurance. It has passed the aging test before leaving the factory.

Shenzhen teeho Optoelectronic Co., Ltd is committed to enhancing our team positioning and equity. Inquire!
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