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How about the quality management implemented in teeho?
The quality management is implemented in a strict manner by shenzhen teeho. With a customer-oriented concept, we can always understand customers' needs and strive to exceed customer expectations. In addition, we are detail-oriented to make sure every process including raw materials selection, manufacturing process, and quality checking is flawless. Moreover, we've got professional technicians who can help conduct the data and information analysis to make sure the specifications and performance of the products conform to the legal regulations and customers' requirements.

Equipped p1.8 led screen assists the bulk production of fixed led display to guarantee the on-time delivery service. Small Pixel LED Display series manufactured by teeho include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The production stages of teeho small led tv include several aspects. It has to be processed by die casting, contouring, finish machining, surface treating, electrostatic spraying, and voltage testing. It is widely exported to the markets of America, India, Japan, New Zealand, etc. By providing the high quality of rental led display, teeho strives to improvise the policy of the company. It supports synchronous control and asynchronous control, which means that it can work normally even if the computer fails.

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