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Does stage led screen have warranty period?
Yes, we set a warranty period for stage led screen . The warranty time will be shown on the product page and in the instruction manual together with the product. During the warranty, shenzhen teeho promises to repair or replace the product without charging any fees like maintenance fees to the customers. But the compensation behaviours are conducted on condition that the imperfections are caused by our poor workmanship and operational mistakes. Some evidence should be submitted to facilitate the handling of compensation.

Having been equipped with professional team, is is clearly that teeho is receiving more reputation in led display market. Transparent LED Display series manufactured by teeho include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. teeho intdoor rental led display is expertly designed. It is designed based on outdoor environmental conditions, users’ preferences and building’s appearance appeals. Its integrated design ensures its easy-to-assemble feature. Its quality is effectively controlled during the production process. It is widely seen in cars, shopping malls, factories, conference halls, sports events, etc.

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