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DLA111 Professional Solution to Drive LED Walls

by:Teeho     2020-06-27
Teqdigital DLA111 is an and high-performance LED front-end video image processing solution. It supports the input of multiple kinds of video image signals, in a very conduct high-quality image zoom processing, finally connected to LED display in. DVI full digital signal hard drive format. DLA111 contains a special PAL/NTSC video deinterlacing processing chip and 1 high-performance format converting and image zoom processing chip. It could convert video image signal of different types, systems and formats such as DVI, RGB, HDTV, PAL/NTSC compound video and S-video into LED display in high quality, it one among the ideal front-end video image processing device for LED display. Teq Digital's complete, easy to use and affordable digital signage(narrowcasting) solutions to promote or info-communication option would be either turn-key or sold in components. Each Digital signage or out-of home advertising system associated with source, signal transport, manager-player, display and content. Teq Digital offers Manager-Player solution with its award-winning software Features: 24/7 Application 1Y/C(S-Video) Video system /cab PAL/NTSC CVBS Scope/Impedance 1V (p _p) / 75 Y/C Scope/Impedance Y: 0.7V (p _p) / 75, C: 0.35V (p _p) / 75 RGB/DVI resolution 12801024@60Hz, 1024768@60Hz, 800600@60Hz RGB Scope/Impedance 4.7 V (p _p) / 75 YP b Pr (HDTV) System 1280720p@60Hz, 19201080i@60Hz YP b Pr (HDTV) Scope/Impedance Y: - 0.3V ~ +0.7V (p _p) / 75, P b: -0.35V ~ +0.35V (p _p) / 75, Pr: -0.35V ~ +0.35V (p _p) / 75 Connectors RGBHV: 15pin D _Sub(female), DVI: 24+1 DVI_D, YP b Pr(HDTV): RCA3 CVBS: RCA, Y/C: 4pin mini DIN(female) Outputs Num/Type 1RGBHV(VGA), 1DVI RGB/DVI resolution 1024768@60Hz RGB Scope/Impedance 0.7 V (p _p) / 75 Connectors RGBHV: 15pin D _Sub(female) DVI: 24+1 DVI_D Others Control RS 232. Panel Button Power 100-240VAC 60W 50/60Hz Operating Temp 5-40 Humidity 15-85% Size 155 mm (high), 350mm (wide), 485mm (length) Weight a couple of.6 Kg. Product PDF
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