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Dell Laptops in India a story of Success And Reliability

by:Teeho     2020-06-29
After Michael Dell founded the company in 1984 in Austin, Texas, Dell has been growing tremendously in the pc and laptop market, expanding its business to numerous countries. Dell has found a secure foothold in Indian market proving that it is one belonging to the most trusted and respected brands for PC and laptops. Having its vast range of laptops and PCs catering to varied requirement, budget and size like those on been delivering technology and multimedia in order to people at home, school or work. Customers trust them because within customer-centric approach which believes in flexibility and excellent service. Dell has classified its range of laptops and notebooks as said by their objective of use targeting a separate group of consumers for each series. You can choose out of a range of user-friendly and versatile laptops with flexible configurations according to your requirements no matter it means studies, office, business or family implement. The home range was made to make life simpler from the classroom for the family room. With easy connectivity options, eye-catching design, high-definition displays along with other choice features at a reasonable price they fit perfectly for productivity and entertainment. New Inspiron 14R and 15 R laptops fall in this particular category. With second generation Intel Core processors, upto 500 GB and 320GB HDD, 14-inch and 12-15.6-inch LED screen size, 3 GB and 4GB memory and genuine Windows 7 OS complemented by all round connectivity options they are complete main stream laptops for personal use. The Light and mobile series consists of The Dell Inspiron M101zseries which prevails with anywhere up to 320GB hdd and 4GB memory and powerful AMD processor with a screen sized 11.6 inch and a skinny profile. Stylish with quite a few of colour options rrncluding a very luxury it is the perfect companion during your travel. When you are in need of something more compact and light, you go for Dell Inspiron Mini range that a lightweight mobile netbook that goes anywhere along with you and sports 10 inch screen size, around 1.3 kg weight and 250 HDD and Intel Processing. With great processing power, exclusive design and style, the new Dell Studio XPS 14, 15 and 17 series caters into the classy high-end consumers. The beautifully designed premier-class laptops combine premium chassis and screen with absolutely real professional features like full HD and 3D with powerful processor and memory utility. They are even the best strategies to multimedia wining and dining. Dell Alienware gaming laptops are that make up 11 inch, 14 inch and 17 inch options which include graphics and super fast performance for seamless gaming experience on a portable television. Dell has advanced significantly from its inception in India. Initially, its laptops were mostly business laptops with a boxy design which were more functional than stylish. Now, it has combined great value, functionality, a portable and stylish design and workhorse performance to offer an all-rounder laptop to its valued americans. As for post sales service; Dell has already earned a reputation for as well. All, put together, Dell most likely of the best possible options in India if in order to looking at a great laptop or laptop.
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