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Chipshow P16 LED Display Blossoms In Guangzhou

by:Teeho     2020-07-01
Recently, the P16 generated by Shenzhen Chip Optech Co., Ltd has been completed the installation and started being used in the Guangzhou Baiyun International airport. The screen covers a size of 264sqm having a length of 66m and 4m high. It's another significant project we won in Guangzhou Center. It performs gorgeously and vividly from both short and far viewing distance. It has the below advantages: 1. Vivid performance effect According to the features of human visual and LED display, we used the nonlinear scanning technology on our display, it provides a completed and clear display for every level with the picture and any one slightly differ. 2. Good compatibility It's appropriate for SVGA within as little as other video device. 3. Much more is synchronous with the control PC desktop, adjustable display position on the desktop along with professional products. 4. High gray level technology 5. Constant Flow to reduce noise technology 6. Brightness adjustable different level To meet different weather situation, lucrative 32 level and adjustable or auto adjust applicator. This ensure the display will perform best any kind of weather situation. 7. Intensive Convection Type Heat-Extraction System Regarding into the too much heat once the display is working, to be sure the whole display will be working stably, we made thoroughly research on their own display heat extraction, and the Intensive Convection System will secure the stably running of less than. 8. Media Webifying As this is basically the time of information, our company starts the system solution of Media Webifying. We customized the LED display system as a website end joint, the other signals like Standard video, audio, other device of network could be connected directly with its high if it is compatible.
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