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Product number:WM
  • 1.Die-Casting Aluminum cabinet, High Precision
  • Low Power Consumption, stable image showing
  • High refresh rate and gray scale
  • Seamless splicing, Eliminate the bright and dark lines of the screen
  • Fanless design , Patent design, private model design
Product Details
HD seamless design

High precision display structure, ensures the consistency of screen.

Trinity LED small pitch display no perfect fitting effect

DLP cross screen. The picture has a visual patchwork color reproduction is not good

LCDH exhibition. The larger visual concatenation of the picture is apparent

Easy maintenance before

Modules, power supplies, systems, and power distribution can all be fully pre-maintained. Modules can also be pre-installed. While maintaining flatness, they can be adapted to various space-constrained use environments.

High Precision

Die-casting Aluminum cabinet, industrial grade processing technology, ensures the flatness of display, eliminates brightness line

Teeho small pixel LED display,good flatness

Some companles' small LED display,irregular display,obvious bright dark lines

High Refresh Rate

Stable and clear images, excellent dynamic showing, without scanning line, and the effect will be more nature if play point-to-point output image.

Teeho small pixel LED,High refresh rate display effect

Traditional LED display,low refresh rate,poor displaying effect

Large viewing angle

The vertical and horizontal bi-directional 160-degree wide viewing angle enables the viewer to obtain a high-quality display effect in various angles.

140°super wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle covers more potential customers.

Rooftop ED small distance with all directions of view display utility

The broadcasting pictures are stable with no scanning line, and the edge of image is sharp and clear when dealing with dynamic pictures.
High Color Gamut Range

The color gamut coverage of Teeho small pixel Led Display is over 36%, which covers a wider range than NTSC color gamut, but the normal DLP and LCD screens can only reach 32%.

The color gamut of Teeho small pixel Led Display:

Stable and safe Operation

Stable power supply technology and N+1 backup mode could guarantee no blackout during use.

With hot double backup for signal,stable broadcasting would be guaranteed when failure happens.

Low stitching costs

Unit box size is 600x337 5x65mm, with 16.9 aspect ratio design, can quickly and efficiently spell high-resolution 16:9 screen