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Display of the LED (LED) selected The selection of LED

(± 2%), the same wavelength (± 2.5nm), the same level (± 2%), the same wavelength (± 2.5%), the same level (± 2%), the same wavelength (± 2.5nm)

red, green, blue light-emitting diodes in the display brightness ratio, in strict accordance with R: G: B = 3: 6: 1

the use of well-known domestic brands (Xiamen Sanan, Hangzhou Silan, Taiwan Guanglei, Taiwan's new century) abroad (Cree, Nichia)

the use of automation, spectroscopy, solid crystal, wire, packaging.

Reliability test

 In order to avoid hidden defects in production and design, we have developed a series of reliability tests. Such as semi-finished electrical performance reliability test, finished electrical performance reliability test, dust and water test, anti-corrosion experiment (salt spray test), vibration experiment, high and low temperature experiments.

semi-finished product electrical performance test: in the semi-finished product before the sealant, after QC test completely OK, all the products after the high temperature aging at least 48 hours.

finished product aging experiment: the finished product module installed in the LED box, and simulation of the whole screen assembly, through the aging of 48 hours without trouble before they can ship.

Waterproof experiment: outdoor LED display In the rainy season, rain protection has been related to the quality of the product itself, we have increased the bottle of high pressure flushing experiment, and each tank for water intrusion test, Experiment to ensure water repellency. LED surface protection level has been fully achieved IP65.

anti-corrosion experiment: In order to ensure that after anti-corrosion treatment of the circuit board, the chassis of the anti-corrosion reliability in the production of salt spray experiments.

vibration experiment: for traffic induction screen, car display, because of its work in the vibration conditions, in order to ensure its reliability, to simulate the vibration experiment.

environmental experiments: the real outdoor environment debugging, to ensure that the factory results and field effects consistent.