National Service Hotline:



pre-sale service

1, set up 24-hour hotline service (consultation, telephone technical guidance);

2, online online service;

3, product technology program development, site investigation, program to determine.

Sale service

1, installation guidance, site commissioning, product training, professional and technical training;

2, hardware failure maintenance services;

3, hardware paid upgrade service;

4, on behalf of the peacekeeping services: In order to ensure that your product operation more efficient, thereby reducing your cost of product maintenance investment, and to adapt to the new market competition environment, LED generation services came into being.

After-sales service

1, product failure warranty service

(1) conventional products free warranty for one year, the warranty period only charge the cost of materials costs;

(2) by visiting the company website, you can download free, upgrade the display operating software to answer user problems;

2, customer care return service

(1) the user on a regular basis quality inspection, maintenance, to seek the views of users, improve the improvement.

3, remote telephone support

4, customer complaints handling

(1) the establishment of a dedicated customer complaints channels, after-sales staff received information within 8 hours after the solution given.

(2) follow the implementation of tracking results until the customer is satisfied with the answer.

5, engineering and technical services

Help channel partners to establish after-sales service team. Rieter photoelectric according to customer capacity to provide engineering services, supervision and commissioning, supervision services and other engineering services model.

warranty service

Trina Optoelectronics in the technical warranty period to provide telephone consultation, remote technical support, on-site technical support, emergency fault recovery services.

1, warranty purposes: Shou Connaught, dedicated, fast.

2, the warranty period: in the screen warranty period, free of all maintenance services costs; more than the warranty period, only to the user to receive maintenance services used in the cost of materials, do not charge labor costs.


In the normal use and storage circumstances, our company is responsible for the quality of equipment. During the warranty period, if the product quality failure, our company will be free maintenance and replacement parts. If you find the equipment can not run properly, the user should be issued to my company a detailed written report, explain the details of the problem.

After the end of the project, we will be a lifetime maintenance system, and constantly improve the system functions and software upgrades, for the need to increase the hardware equipment, only charge the cost of components.

After-sales service convention:

courtesy reception of every customer, patiently listen to the views of users to eliminate concerns.

service personnel on-site service should be unified work clothes, wear cards, tool kits, civilized construction.

It is forbidden to obtain or receive any gift remuneration from the customer.

door service should be careful not to damage the customer items, after the service to check the trial, clean up and restore the scene.

service personnel to complete the work after the self-test, strict checks to ensure that the quality of maintenance, quality warranty period, the normal operation of the customer and the normal maintenance of the quality problems free repair.

on-site maintenance conditions permit, you can give customers the second training to meet customer needs.

After the end of the service, the customer in the installation of maintenance records on the form of our products and the quality of the relevant evaluation and recommendations.