The Era of Transparent LED Display is Coming


In 2017, our country spared no effort to promote the construction of Smart City. In the era of rapid development of urban construction, transparent LED display is characterized by its light weight, no steel structure, simple installation and maintenance, and good permeability, all of which enable it fits the glass curtain wall ideally. Additionally, with its fashionable, modern and technological design, it adds a special sense of beauty to the architecture. Transparent LED display therefore has won universal recognition in the market, and has received wide attention and popularity. Some industry insiders said that transparent LED display is a new market, which has not been fully explored yet, but it would be an incremental one with unlimited potential.

The Era of Transparent LED Display is Coming

Commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S stores, display windows and other areas with glass curtain wall are the potential market of LED transparent display. For example, the glass screens required in the Building Brightening Project are likely to be replaced by transparent LED displays, and the increasing number of such projects results in unlimited potential of LED transparent display.

The Era of Transparent LED Display is Coming

Let us get to know Teeho transparent LED display

Rental Series of transparent LED display

Transparent LED display presents exquisite performance

The display screen can be diversified and well-proportioned according to the stage modeling, which exhibits the overall framework by stretching at a vertical level. The screen itself is permeable, light and colorful, leading to a strong perspective effect and a better depth of field. At the same time, it does not obstruct the stage design, leaving room for the light. Also, it helps to convey the theme through enhancing a certain atmosphere and vitality.

Moreover, after delicate processing of the picture, LED transparent display makes up a realistic and virtual three-dimensional space via unique screen display technology and its good permeability, which achieves co-display of multi screens. Thus, the movements of all the images manifest the layers of the stage effect and would greatly enhance the performance, as the LED transparent screen integrates with the real scene. In comparison with the two dimensional sense of the traditional LED display, the LED transparent display shows genuine three-dimensional sense and the visual effect is shocking. The audience is put personally on the scene while receiving new ideas. The stage is in line with the traditional aesthetic concept and it presents perfect effects from both the close and distant perspective.

The Era of Transparent LED Display is Coming

Commercial transparent display


(1) It is highly transparent with a high fluoroscopy rate of more than 60%, which ensures the original lighting and perspective function of the glass curtain wall.

(2) Little space occupation, light weight. The general weight of the display screen is only 15Kg/m2. It does not need to change the building structure and is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall.

(3)It is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall without steel frame construction, which saves a lot of costs for installation and maintenance.

(4) The unique display has superb advertising effect and artistic effect as it leaves the audience a feeling that the pictures are suspended on the glass curtain wall with the help of the transparent background.

(5) Convenient, quick and safe indoor maintenance saves manpower and material resources.

(6) Energy saving and environmental protection. It does not require the traditional refrigeration system and air conditioning heat dissipation, which is more than 30% energy-efficient above the ordinary LED display screen.

The Era of Transparent LED Display is Coming

Application Area:

The latest-model of transparent LED display has opened up a new application field with broad market prospects and is especially suitable for "building media" and stage performances because it caters to the needs of an emerging market and has successfully created a high-quality outdoor media resource. According to statistics, the total area of China's modern glass curtain wall has exceeded 70 million square meters which mainly concentrated in the urban areas. The large capacity demonstrates a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising that remains to be explored. Glass curtain wall is a new ocean area when the outdoor advertising resources are becoming depleted. The scope of this field is very wide, which covers buildings with glass curtain walls that are of commercial value, such as city landmark, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S stores, hotels, banks and chain stores.