TEEHO was awarded the certificate of Shenzhen hi-tech enterprise


On January 31st , TEEHO was awarded the certificate of "Shenzhen hi-tech enterprise" which jointly issued by Shenzhen science and technology innovation committee and Shenzhen finance committee. It can enjoy the national tax, senior talent introduction and other aspects of support policies.

Since its establishment in 2010, Shenzhen Teeho Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. has obtained 12 software copyrights. After awarded "National high-tech enterprise" on December 20th, TEEHO obtained the qualification of "Shenzhen hi-tech enterprise". It is the result of the in-depth implementation of the "science and technology innovation development strategy" by TEEHO, which indicates that the research and innovation of TEEHO's LED display screen have been affirmed and supported by China and Shenzhen City.

TEEHO was awarded the certificate of Shenzhen hi-tech enterprise

The identification of Shenzhen hi-tech enterprise is guided, managed and supervised by the ministry of science and technology and the ministry of finance. The qualification requirements are strict and the confirmation procedures are rigorous. It is an important proof for enterprises to have continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements, and to form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises.